Anton Biriukov

Software Developer

Anton is an enthusiastic software development  degree candidate and a passionate Junior Full Stack developer. Always staying open to new things, he is desperate to explore new cuisines and restaurants. With a great variety of options available to you across GTA, Anton finds it hard to resist the temptation. Whether going out with his friends, or making new connections, he tends to spend a few of nights out every month.

Fun fact:

I’ve been playing tennis for 13 years and yet it is only on the quarantine that I fully realized how important the physical activities are.

Which website brought you most fun? I really like meeting new people and sometimes we turn out to have no common language to speak. I’ve encountered myself numerous times trying to pick up a language on-the-go and that was hilarious.

Gym for two hours or diet for one day?

Definitely gym. I believe that life is a motion and there is no better way to complement it with a delicious dinner after a good training session.

What game are you really good at?

The imitation game.

Food Preferences:

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Networking Preferences:

Engineering & IT, Entertainment, Sports, Hospitality & Travel, Food & Beverages