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Andrew Zhao
Senior Software Developer

Andrew is a full stack engineer with 10+ year experience on software, web and mobile app development. He closely follows cutting edge technologies and scientific discoveries. Andrew loves Canada's great outdoors and enjoys hiking, running, cycling, paddling and camping.


His motto is: life long learning, live love laugh.

Fun fact:

I like gardening, for that I got my biology degree; or, vice versa. 😉

Which website brought you most fun?


Gym for two hours or diet for one day?

Gym for two hours, or run 30 minutes every other day, or hike 10km every weekend?

What game are you really good at?

Badminton, Hearts

Food Preferences:

Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Italian, and all other good foods

Networking Preferences:

Hiking, camping, badminton, movie night, potluck party

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