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Alex Shi
Software Developer

Alex is a Computer Science new graduate from Ryerson University. He focuses his study on software and web development, and is actively learning! His girlfriend is Weibo an XHS certified food blogger, and they love to try all sorts of food around the world!

Fun fact:

I used to play professional ping pong in youth.

Which website brought you most fun?


Gym for two hours or diet for one day?

Gym two hours.​

What game are you really good at?

I am not an expert in gaming, my LOL is lv 200+ but I played vs AI most of the time. I have been playing COD and Monster Hunter for many years, and love all of them!

Food Preferences:

Asian food, but also a fan of pizza and steak.

Networking Preferences:

Food & Beverages, Innovation, Movies, Trending Technologies

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