What is YourTable?

YourTable is the LinkedIn for food, connecting people to eat and network together through their same interests in food and business.

What are the benefits of using YourTable to not eat alone?

67% of Canadians eat alone. Eating alone is more strongly associated with unhappiness than any single factor other than having a mental illness. As different sources such as Canada's food guide and TIME have stated, eating alone often leads to loneliness and depression. This is true not just for seniors, but for everyone as well because we are so busy with our life and work. As a result, this cost the Canadian economy $33 Billion/year in lost productivity at work. We want to help people to prevent loneliness, depression, and contribute to their overall happiness and work productivity.

How do I use it?

  • You simply fill in some basic information about yourself such as the type of food you like to eat and work industries you are interested in.

  • Explore and chat with other users who are matched with you for food types and work industries.

  • Chat online and decide on a restaurant, date, and time, then go meet and eat with them in person!

Can I eat at any restaurant I want?

Absolutely! You can dine at any restaurant that you want to!

Restaurant Promotions?

We will offer this in the near future!

Is there a fee to use the service?

Absolutely Free! So go ahead and eat with others now!

How do I refer my friends and earn rewards like gift cards at restaurants and free meals?

We run contests and promotions regularly for you to earn rewards! Keep following us to stay tuned for the newest contest!

How do I become a Brand Ambassador for YourTable?

Please contact us through this form and select Brand Ambassador, and we will be in touch shortly!