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We’re All in This Together. Giving Back Can Ease the Struggle.

There’s no question we are all struggling on some level while doing the right thing and staying “locked down” in our homes as we deal with this worldwide pandemic. One thing to remember is that we are all in this together. And most important, we will get through this!

One way to ease the pain of dealing with all of this, is to find a way how you can help out those in need or on those working on the frontlines. Not only it is needed, it also brings us all together – reminding us to be grateful and that again, we are all in this together. This is exactly how we feel at YourTable. We proudly employ a very caring, dedicated team of individuals. We have had numerous discussions on how we can support each other during these challenging times, as well as how we can support and contribute to those on the frontlines. It was during these discussions we came up with the idea to Give Back. So, we’ve partnered with Tim Horton’s to deliver free meals to the frontline staff at Hospitals throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

It’s a small sacrifice on our part, something we are more than happy to do. Its impact has been greatly appreciated by the frontline heroes dealing with this terrible pandemic. In fact, when we show up, we’ve had to insist there’s no need for them to thank us … because it’s all about us finding a way to thank them. YourTable team members will continue to deliver free meals to these wonderful heroes for the next few weeks at various hospitals. We look forward to seeing their smiles and to get the opportunity to thank them for all of their incredible work and to tell them how proud we are for having them taking care and protecting all of us.

Even during the best of times, some of us are daunted by being alone. This is especially true when we would enjoy the opportunity to try that new restaurant that opened down the street, or one you’ve passed numerous times but didn’t have anyone to join you. In the world we’re currently living in, as we enter yet another week of “lock-down” this feeling is amplified and being experienced by literally everyone. It seems likely this lockdown will continue for several more weeks. But how can you prepare for the time when we’ll all be set free to go outside, explore and resume all of the social activities we miss doing? Well, one way is to “hit the ground” running in being able to find the right companion to join you at that restaurant you’ve been dying to try. Perhaps to celebrate your newly found freedom!

Consider setting up a profile today with YourTable. Our dream is that nobody has to eat alone anymore. YourTable users are matched with others who share mutual interests. People can connect and meet with others regardless of their background, title or social status, over a great dining experience. We envision a future where we can make life easier and more convenient for people, at least three times a day.


Eat Together and Network. One Table at a Time.


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