Sasanka Vithanage

Software Developer

Sasanka is a Software Engineer over the last 6 years and continuing in that path. He has worked for different market companies such as insurance, e-commerce and mortgage creating user interactive applications. Sasanka holds a Masters in Business Administration. 

He and his wife are passionate foodies who love to try out different cultural food and travel the world.

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Fun fact:

Sometimes forget the surrounding while thinking or talking, have fallen into small openings on the road or hit by side stands multiple times

Which website brought you most fun? , and Always there are things to learn. Help me to connect with different developers and see the new upcoming releases. YouTube helps to take the mind off from the world and enjoy different aspects of life.

Gym for two hours or diet for one day?

Diet for one day for sure. Gym for two hours is a normal weekly routine for me. Staying away from food is hard but thinking about calories diet for one day for sure.

What game are you really good at?

Strategy or Sport games

Food Preferences:

Any food except the food with crunchy bugs.

Networking Preferences:

Innovation, Software Development Technology, BlockChain, Entrepreneurship & Start-ups, Food & Beverages, Sports & Entertainment